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Integrating SI issues in an ever-changing world

Investor action on climate risk and sustainability is firmly embedded in the investment decision-making process. As we approach the crucial COP26 climate talks in November 2021, our Sustainable Investment Hub brings you the latest SI insights and analysis from our researchers and specialists.

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Green economy

Investing in the green economy - sizing the opportunity

The green economy is a US$4 trillion sector - but how is it defined? And what have been its performance characteristics?

Sizing the green economy: Green Revenues and the EU taxonomy

What do investors need to do to comply with the requirements of the EU Taxonomy regulation?

Webinar: The Rise of the Green Economy

The climate has never been better for green economy investment but what headwinds remain?

Fixed income

How could climate change impact sovereign risk?

How do you measure climate risk at a sovereign-level, and how do you address the financial impact of these risks?

How to build a climate-adjusted government bond index?

What are the unique challenges associated with incorporating climate risks into government bond indexes?

ESG taxonomy for securitized products

Is it possible to take a quantitative approach to detecting responsible lending and servicing behaviors in RMBS markets?

Climate change integration

FTSE Russell study on EU Paris-aligned benchmarks

The FTSE All-World PAB Index achieves an average carbon emissions reduction of over 50% compared to the standard benchmark over a 10-year period, doubles the proportion of green revenue, and demonstrates a consistently higher TPI Management Quality Score.

Climate change integration and the Transition Pathway Initiative

How can investors assess companies’ preparedness for the transition to a low-carbon economy?

Case study - Making pensions more climate-resilient

A major UK asset owner future-proofed the pension fund’s investment strategy against climate change and other sustainability risks while retaining exposure to the key drivers of long-term equity market returns.

Product engineering and methodologies

Targeted sustainability

Is it possible to not only improve SI characteristics compared to a benchmark, but to achieve precise outcomes in Low Carbon or ESG exposure?

ESG scores and beyond (part 1/3) - Factor control: isolating specific biases in ESG ratings

How much are ESG scores driven by the sustainability performances of issuer, and how much are driven by external factors that are not specific to the issuer such as size, sector and country?

ESG taxonomy for securitized products

Is it possible to take a quantitative approach to detecting responsible lending and servicing behaviors in RMBS markets?

Investment trends

Refinitiv Investment Insight: Top 6 ESG investing trends in 2021

What will ESG investing look like in 2021 and beyond? We spoke with 25 industry experts who shared their insights on upcoming ESG investing trends in the Refinitiv 2021 ESG Playbook.

Annual index industry survey reveals 3.05 million total indexes and 40.2% growth in ESG space

For the fourth year running, the Index Industry Association (IIA) has compiled data from its 16 member firms, including FTSE Russell.

The rise of Smart Sustainability, ESG and Smart Beta: 2020 global survey findings from asset owners

How the coming together of two trends—smart beta and sustainable investment—are perceived, considered and used by asset owners around the world.

Diversity and inclusion

Refinitiv Report: Key factors driving diverse and inclusive workplaces

Diversity and inclusion in the workforce are core ESG themes, which financial professionals are more frequently incorporating into their investment strategies and capital allocation decisions.

Refinitiv Blog: The gender pay gap is informing investment strategies

Companies with no gender pay gap outperform businesses with pay inequality – whether it’s men or women who are earn more.

Why bigger boardrooms lead the way on gender equality

Gender equality in the boardroom is linked to company outperformance. And the biggest businesses are leading the way.

Latest videos


FTSE TPI Climate Transition Index

Are the two Ds - disinvestment and decarbonisation – enough?


Asset owner considerations of sustainable investment approaches

One World? Are global asset owners reaching a consensus on climate strategies?


Smart Sustainability

Why ESG and Smart Beta strategies are increasingly intertwined?


Climate transition

What are the risks and opportunities associated with the climate transition, and what steps are investors taking along their climate integration journey?


Sustainable Investing integration and trends in Europe

How are European investors integrating climate change into their portfolios?


Accounting for climate risk in sovereign bond portfolios

How investors can identify climate risks in government bond allocations through indexing?

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FTSE Russell
Anticipating climate change risks on sovereign bonds
The deep economic changes necessary to achieve the Paris Agreement objectives require a consistent reallocation of resources. This gives the financial sector a key role in tackling climate change. Risk analysis is important in that perspective.  Read more
Mar 17, 2021
FTSE Russell
Making sense of climate collaboration
The Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) and London Stock Exchange Group have produced a short report summarising key collaborative climate investor initiatives  Read more
Mar 8, 2021

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