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Sustainable Investing Forum: Video gallery

FTSE Russell held a forum on the Past-Present-Future of Sustainable Investing. Market participants from across the globe came together with listed companies to hear about the evolution of investor ESG approaches and where to go from here as an industry.

Here are some highlights from the forum:

Global asset owner roundtable

Jack Ehnes, CEO of CalSTRS; Enick Wan, CEO of KWAP - the Malaysian Pension Fund; Mark Thompson, CIO of HSBC Bank UK Pension Scheme. Chaired by Amanda Young, Head of Responsible Investments, Standard Life Investments. 


Past: Learnings of the last decade from CalSTRS (9:39)
During the  FTSE Russell Sustainable Investing Forum, the chair, Amanda Young, asks the CEO of CalSTRS what the fund has learnt over the last 10 years regarding ESG.


Past: Learnings of the last decade from KWAP  (6:40)
Insights from KWAP, the Malaysian civil servants pension fund, about the challenges faced over the last 10 years when it comes to integrating ESG issues.


Past: Learnings of the last decade from HSBC Bank UK Pension Scheme (4:07)
The CIO of HSBC Bank UK Pension Scheme talks about the fund’s ESG integration journey over the last decade.


Present: Incorporating principles in the investment process (3:17)
The CEO of CalSTRS discusses what the fund’s current role is in incorporating ESG principles in the investment process.


Present: The role of benchmark providers (8:05)
HSBC Bank UK Pension Scheme’s CIO touches on the role of benchmarks using their multi-factor climate balanced fund as an example.


Present: The role of benchmarks in Malaysia (5:43)
The CEO of KWAP speaks about the role of ESG benchmarks and the current investment landscape in Malaysia.


Future: The next 10 years for Sustainable Investment (7:43)
Global asset owners at the Sustainable Investing Forum roundtable share their views on how to respond to the future generations’ needs and where ESG is going for the next 10 years.


Fifteen years of benchmarking ESG (12:51)

FTSE Russell’s CEO, Mark Makepeace, at the Sustainable Investing Forum discusses the transition of benchmarking in ESG and how ESG is now a core part of the investment philosophy and approaches of many asset owners and asset managers in the world.


FTSE Russell's ESG Ratings and the future (18:01)

David Harris, ESG Director at FTSE Russell, looks at how FTSE Russell as an index and data provider has developed its ESG capabilities over 15 years as the market continues to evolve, and delves into the enhanced ESG Ratings and what the independent research shows about companies ‘ ESG practices globally.


Stewardship, engagement and long-term franchise value (15:52)

Executive Director, Andy Griffiths, from the Investor Forum, reflects on what has been achieved over the last 15 years on stewardship, governance and sustainability, and background on the workings of The Investor Forum.