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Real Time Data

Indexes in real time

Our real time data services provide traders and portfolio managers with real time daily and historical data needed to monitor global market developments. Real time data is available for a comprehensive suite of US and Global indexes. Market participants can choose to receive FTSE Russell real time indexes via a distributor of their choice, or direct from FTSE Russell.

FTSE Russell Real Time Service

The FTSE Russell Real Time Service offers real time dissemination for hundreds of the most commonly used FTSE and Russell indexes. The service covers a broad range of global, regional and sector indexes, across a range of asset classes and alternatively weighted methodologies.

Dissemination frequency is provided through two models; pulsed and streaming. Pulsed index dissemination is provided as a snapshot at 15 and 60-second intervals, in line with the definition of the respective indexes. Streaming indexes are designed to facilitate a faster delivery service, reflective of every last trade of the underlying components of the index portfolio. Streaming indexes disseminate in accordance with the price change of underlying constituents.

Features include

  • Real-time data for a comprehensive suite of indexes, US and global
  • Includes real time and end of day index valuations for over 1,000 indexes
  • Enables monitoring of investments based on FTSE Russell indexes throughout the trading day
  • Provides a broad distribution framework for ease of data access
  • Direct access to index data via GDS or various third party providers


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