Your index matters

All indexes are not created equal. Institutional investors rely on Russell Indexes – and you can use them to capture your clients’ investment strategies with precision.

Indexes driven by the market. Not picked by a committee.

Rules-based. Transparent. Published. And powerful. Discover what institutional-grade indexes can do for your clients.


Rigor, precision and predictability

$10.6 trillion worth of assets are benchmarked to Russell Indexes, designed to meet the demands of the most sophisticated investors.


Russell Indexes are ideal for institutional investors…

Defined by the market, not picked by a committee.

A complete measure of the market, with no gaps or overlap.

Modular and accurate
Updated regularly and annually reconstituted for accuracy.

Rules-based and transparent
The methodology for inclusion in Russell Indexes is rigorous and published.

...and Russell Indexes are perfect for financial advisors.

Be opportunistic
Help your clients get exposure to fast-growing companies before they’re added to other indexes.

Allocate assets flawlessly
Use the tools you need to achieve precise asset allocation, with no gaps or overlaps.

Take advantage of institutional-grade solutions
Benefit from the same methodology and tools used every day by the most sophisticated institutional investors.

$10.6 trillion Russell Indexes total assets under management69% total active US equity market share81% total US equity small cap market share90% total US equity style indexes, market share 90%

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Learn more about why your index matters

Get the latest insights, research papers and information on topics of interest to you and your clients.


98% coverage of the investable US equities market

Russell Indexes offer investors comprehensive representation of the US equities market, with no gaps or overlaps.
They are the “active ingredient” in many leading ETFs and passive funds.





Get comprehensive representation of the US equity market, from megacap to microcap.

Large Cap Funds
Based on the Russell 1000

Small Cap Funds
Based on the Russell 2000

Total Market Funds
Based on the Russell 3000

Style Index Funds
Based on the Russell Growth and Value Indexes

Additional US Equity Exposures
Funds based on other Russell Indexes

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* Data as of December 31, 2020, as reported on April 1, 2021 by eVestment for institutional funds AND Morningstar for retail mutual funds, insurance products and ETFs. AUM includes blended benchmarks and excludes futures and options. For funds where the AUM was not reported as of December 31, 2020, the previous period AUM was used as an estimate. No assurances are given by FTSE Russell as to the accuracy of the data.