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Russell Fundamental Index Series now Russell RAFI Index Series

Why this change?

FTSE Russell is changing the Russell Fundamental Index Series name to Russell RAFITM Index Series to bring our full suite of fundamentally-weighted index offerings into alignment and to leverage the well-known RAFITM brand alongside the familiar Russell indexes. The name change will be applied to all indexes within the Russell RAFITM Index Series, and is effective on December 1, 2016. There are no associated changes to the index methodology or file formats. To ensure continuity of service the index vendor codes will also remain the same.

About the Russell RAFITM Index Series

Calculated by FTSE Russell and based on pioneering research by Rob Arnott and Jason Hsu of Research Affiliates, the Russell RAFITM Index Series methodology selects and weights constituents according to the average of three fundamental measures of company size: adjusted sales, cash flow and dividends plus buybacks, breaking the link between constituent price and index weight. Combining the transparency, objectivity and broad diversification that plan sponsors expect from Russell indexes with the Research Affiliates‘ Fundamental Index® Strategy, the Russell RAFITM Index Series offers an index-based solution for investors seeking a complement to traditional passive strategies.