Market recap — Value continues its run

The Value style continued to assert its leadership in the cycle of style performance. Index data demonstrates that, regardless of cap size, defensive characteristics —companies with less economic sensitivity and more stable earnings profiles — are showing strength for the year, as are Value companies, as determined by higher relative Book-to-Price characteristics. Both the  Russell 1000® Value Index (+4.6%) and the Russell 2000® Value Index (+4.6%) showed the highest returns for the quarter across size-style segments. On a year to date basis, the performance of the Russell Midcap® Defensive Index (+11.3%) was the highest among the market cap style indexes. The Russell Midcap Value Index (+8.9%), Russell 1000 Defensive Index (+7.1%), Russell 2000 Defensive Index (+6.5%), Russell 1000 Value Index (+6.3%) and Russell Top 200® Defensive Index (+6.2%) followed.

Style Performance
style chart 1
Source: FTSE Russell, data as at June 30, 2016. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Please see important legal disclosures at the end of the Small Cap Perspectives report.

2Q2016 Small Cap Perspectives

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