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Are fixed income markets preparing for a return to Goldilocks?

Bond market focus shifted to resilient growth in August, as yields rose. Similarities with the Goldilocks era are emerging as inflation cools, and growth recovers. If 3-6% rates are the new normal, income and carry may supplant duration as key factors. Chinese government bonds and US high yield credit were best performing sectors.

Key highlights:

  • Macro and policy backdrop – Lower inflation but focus shifts to G7 growth and stronger nominal GDP
  • Yields, curves and spreads – Yields, and curves start to resemble the Goldilocks era of 2002-06
  • Sovereign and climate bonds – JGB underperformance, after curve control eases, may weigh on sovereign greenium
  • Performance – Longer duration sovereigns fell in August, apart from China and EM bonds

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Webinar  – Global & Regional Fixed Income Insights: quarterly deep dive - Thursday September 21, 2023

Robin Marshall, Director, Fixed Income and Multi-Asset Research
Sandrine Soubeyran, Director, Global Investment Research

Join the authors of this report on their webinar to hear the answers to key questions facing investors in fixed income markets:

  • Does the recent inflation shock mean the era of zero interest rates is over?
  • Have markets re-entered a world of higher policy rates in which investor focus will shift away from duration, and back to maximising carry, yield and re-investment income?
  • How would a deep debt deflation in China impact the global fixed income outlook?
  • Do labour shortages and steeper Phillips curves mean central banks will be forced to raise inflation targets, to prevent deep recessions?


2pm BST / 9am EDT   2pm HK (for investors in the APAC region)