Insights from the 2014-2018 FTSE Russell global smart beta surveys

This is the 5th year of the FTSE Russell smart beta global asset owner survey. This milestone presents an opportunity to look back and reflect on how smart beta indexes and their associated investable products have evolved and transformed the investment landscape.

Over these five years we have interviewed hundreds of asset owners globally managing over $10 trillion of assets. The 2018 survey results reinforce many trends observed in the previous four years and signal some new directions. An overall assessment of the five-year survey results is provided by Rolf Agather, Managing Director of Research:

“The trends observed over the past five years of increasing global growth and adoptions of smart beta indexes show every sign of continuing. Smart beta is now widely recognized as a meaningful set of new tools with great potential for helping market participants achieve their goals.”

In this paper, we will drill down into some of the more interesting aspects of the survey results over the past five years and add to it complementary market data. We will also provide our perspective on the outlook for the future.