Russell Green America Index Series

The Russell Green America Index Series is a green thematic, alternatively-weighted US equity index family based on the Russell US Indexes. The indexes are designed to feature US companies from mega cap to small cap, who are engaged in the transition to a green economy, based on FTSE Russell’s Green Revenues data model, with no fossil fuel involvement, and target carbon emissions reduction.

Index design allows for the following characteristics:

  • • Selects US companies with any green revenues; targets a minimum 100% increase in exposure to companies with green revenues at index level
  • • Excludes companies with specific fossil fuels involvement, as well as companies with UN Global Compact controversies and specific involvement in weapons and tobacco
  • • Targets carbon emissions reduction by 50% vs. the benchmark and 7% year-on-year reduction

The indices are suitable to be used to gain green exposure in portfolios, as a basis for ETFs, structured products, and other index-linked investment vehicles, or as a performance benchmark for climate thematic mandates.

Learn more about the Green Revenues data model.

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Index rules should be read in conjunction with supportingFTSE Russell noticesThese notices advise of advance changes in index methodology, which may not be reflected in index rules until the change effective date. The notices may also communicate revisions in index treatment in the period up to a rule change.