The FTSE LATIBEX Index Series is a collaboration between FTSE Russell and Bolsas y Mercados Españoles (BME). The series provides market participants with a tool to measure the performance of Latin-American stocks trading in the LATIBEX market, denominated in Euro and trading in real-time. Indexes within the series are:

FTSE LATIBEX All-Share Index - comprises all securities that are listed on the LATIBEX market subject to a €300 million minimum size rule. Countries covered include: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Puerto Rico and Venezuela.

FTSE LATIBEX TOP Index - this is a real-time index consisting of 15 stocks from the FTSE LATIBEX All-Share Index. It is free-float weight capped at 10% to avoid over-concentration in any one stock. Countries covered include Brazil, Chile and Mexico.

FTSE LATIBEX Brazil Index - this is a Euro-denominated index covering Brazilian stocks. It ranks the 13 most liquid stocks listed on LATIBEX by free-float adjusted market cap.

The indexes are suitable for benchmarking purposes and as tools in the creation of index-linked products and derivatives.