FTSE High-Yield Bond Index Series

The FTSE High-Yield Bond Index Series is a broad measure of the global high-yield market comprised of multi-currency benchmarks tracking the performance of global high-yield CHF, EUR, GBP and USD denominated debt tracked by the FTSE Pan-European High-Yield Bond Indexes and the US High-Yield Market Index. Sub-indexes are available in any combination of currency, industry sector, maturity, and rating.

The series is comprised of:

  • FTSE World High-Yield Bond Index
  • FTSE US High-Yield Market Index
  • FTSE US High-Yield Market Index - Capped
  • FTSE Pan-European High-Yield Bond Index

Index rules should be read in conjunction with supportingFTSE Russell noticesThese notices advise of advance changes in index methodology, which may not be reflected in index rules until the change effective date. The notices may also communicate revisions in index treatment in the period up to a rule change.