FTSE GDP Weighted Index Series

The FTSE GDP Weighted Index Series is designed to reflect the performance of constituent companies in an index where country weightings are proportionate to each country’s forecast GDP.

The series is composed of regional indexes including the following (please see the index rules for a full list of indexes):

  • FTSE All-World GDP Weighted
  • FTSE Developed GDP Weighted
  • FTSE Emerging GDP Weighted
  • FTSE Developed ex North America GDP Weighted
  • FTSE Emerging ex China GDP Weighted

Constituents are selected from the corresponding underlying universe at the time of the review and aspects such as index reviews and company classification are governed by the corresponding Index Rules of the universe index.

Index rules should be read in conjunction with supportingFTSE Russell noticesThese notices advise of advance changes in index methodology, which may not be reflected in index rules until the change effective date. The notices may also communicate revisions in index treatment in the period up to a rule change.