FTSE Cürex FX Index Series

The FTSE Cürex FX Index Series is a series of independent benchmark indexes for institutional foreign exchange participants, executable in real-time 24/5. The index series is designed to link institutional FX to global capital markets via executable Bid and Offer indices for over 200 currency pairs (FTSE Cürex FIX).

Based on multiple price inputs from major institutional FX liquidity providers, the FTSE Cürex FX Index Series is rules-based and published in real-time from 17:00 ET Sunday to 17:00 ET Friday. Additionally, a 'Snap' index is published every 15 minutes.

The indexes provide independent time-stamped valuation metrics which can be used in the creation of currency investment products, hedging tools and overlay strategies, whilst enhancing NAV calculation. They can also be used as a performance benchmark. The index series is designed to be flexible, providing a platform to meet the diverse and evolving needs of global capital market participants. The indexes are fully customizable to meet specific client requirements.