APAC Fixed Income Indexes

FTSE Russell offers a variety of fixed income indexes designed to measure the performance of the Asia Pacific region’s bond markets across various asset classes and currencies (local and USD). Also included are indexes focused on measuring the performance of the Chinese offshore and onshore bond markets.

FTSE Asian Government Bond Index (AGBI)

  • Designed to measure the performance of Asian government bonds, the index provides a broad benchmark for the Asian sovereign debt market. Rules and methodologies employed are consistent with those of the FTSE World Government Bond Index (WGBI), enabling performance comparisons across sovereign debt markets.

FTSE Asian Broad Bond Index (ABBI)

  • The index measures the performance of both investment-grade and high yield US dollar-denominated debt issued by governments, agencies, and corporations domiciled in Asia (excluding Japan).

FTSE Chinese (Onshore CNY) Green Bond Index

  • Designed to provide comprehensive coverage of China’s green bond market, with sub-indexes that segment the market by local vs. internationallyrecognized definitions of green as well as by market trading access routes, ensuring relevance for both domestic and international investors.

FTSE Chinese (Onshore CNY) Broad Bond Index (CNYBBI)

  • The index measures the performance of the onshore Chinese yuan denominated fixed-rate debt issued by the government, agencies, and corporations in mainland China. An Interbank version of the index is also available for investors looking to establish their exposure to Chinese onshore bonds through either CIBM direct access or the Bond Connect program. The index measures the performance of a subset of bonds from the Chinese (Onshore CNY) Broad Bond Index and includes bonds that are traded on the China Interbank Bond Market (CIBM).

FTSE Chinese Government and Policy Bank Bond Index (CNGPBI)

  • The index measures the performance of Yuan-denominated fixed-rate government bonds and policy bank bonds issued in mainland China. The eligible Chinese policy bank bonds are those issued by the China Development Bank, the Agricultural Development Bank of China, and the Export-Import Bank of China.

FTSE Dim Sum (Offshore CNY) Bond Index

  • The index measures the performance of RMB-denominated “Dim Sum” bonds issued and settled outside mainland China. It includes fixed-rate securities issued by governments, agencies, supranationals, and corporations.

FTSE SBI Indian Government Bond Index

  • Launched in partnership with the State Bank of India, the index is denominated in INR and tracks the domestic Indian government bond market. It is complemented by a series of maturity sub-indexes.