Russell US Style Indexes

Russell created the industry's first style indexes in 1987 to provide investors with accurate benchmarks for measuring the growth and value equity market segments. This ground-breaking innovation has now become the industry standard and has paved the way for the creation of more style-specific benchmarks.

Russell style indexes are built using three highly representative growth and value characteristics. Our style indexes use one value characteristic, book-to-price ratio (B/P) and two growth characteristics, medium-term forecast earnings growth rate based on I/B/E/S two-year forecasts and sales-per-share growth rate based on five-year historical sales.

The Russell 1000 Growth and Value US ESG Indexes, are alternatively-weighted US equity indexes based on the Russell US style Indexes. The indexes are designed to meet improved index level ESG profile, while maintaining similar risk/return characteristics to the underlying universe. Learn more.

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