FTSE/ATHEX Index Series

The FTSE/ATHEX Index Series is a joint venture between FTSE Russell and the Athens Stock Exchange (ATHEX), which has been in existence since 1999. The market capitalisation-weighted indexes provide market participants with a transparent way to measure the performance of the securities trading on ATHEX. Indexes within the series include:

FTSE/ATHEX Large Cap Index - comprises the top 25 companies ranked by market capitalisation.

FTSE/ATHEX Mid Cap Index - comprises medium-sized companies ranked by market capitalisation. This index measures the growth sector of the market.

FTSE/ATHEX Market Index - comprises the constituents of the FTSE/ATHEX Large Cap, Mid Cap and Small Cap indexes, tracking their cumulative performance.

FTSE/ATHEX International Index - comprises all Greek and non-Greek companies that trade on the ATHEX Common Trading Platform and which are eligible for the large cap segment of ATHEX.

FTSE/ATHEX-CSE Banking Index - captures the performance of banks listed on ATHEX and Cyprus Stock Exchange (CSE).

FTSE/ATHEX Global Traders Index Series - real-time indexes that measure the performance of ATHEX-listed companies which derive a signficant proportion of their income from activities outside of Greece. There are two indexes within the series: FTSE/ATHEX Global Traders Index and FTSE/ATHEX Global Traders Plus Index.

FTSE/ATHEX Mid & Small Cap Factor Weight Index - represents the performance of the 20 stocks on the ATHEX Market with the largest composite value, growth and profitability score.