FTSE ASFA Australia Indexes

FTSE partnered with ASFA in 2009, the industry body that represents all aspects of the Australian superannuation industry, to provide Australian superannuation funds, fund managers and other stakeholders with industry-standard after-tax benchmarks. In 2018, FTSE Russell launched the cumulative franked indexes, which accumulates franking credits on a daily basis and reinvests the credits at the end of the financial year. Daily franking credit-adjusted indexes that reinvest franking credits on a daily basis are also available.

FTSE ASFA Australia Index Series

The FTSE ASFA Australia Index Series is a comprehensive and complementary series of tax exempt and tax-adjusted indexes. In particular the indexes:

  • • Take into account the different tax positions of various investor segments (tax exempt, superannuation funds) with regard to franking credits attached to dividend distribution and franking credits attached to off-market buy-backs.
  • • Measure the performance of the major capital segments of the Australian market.
  • • Indexes within the series can be used as benchmarks and as tools in the creation of index-linked products, such as exchange traded funds (ETFs), structured products and other derivatives.

The series includes:

  • FTSE ASFA Australia 100 Index
  • FTSE ASFA Australia 200 Index
  • FTSE ASFA Australia 300 Index
  • FTSE ASFA Australia Small Cap Index
  • FTSE ASFA Australia All-Share Index
  • FTSE ASFA Australia Sector Indexes (based on the Industry Classification Benchmark)