Institutional Investors

A relevant benchmark for institutional investors

Having the right tools to track and manage portfolios is vital for institutional investors to perform at their best. Based on FTSE Russell’s objective and representative methodology, our indexes are ideal for research, asset allocation and monitoring performance of investment managers. At FTSE Russell, we recognize that every investor has different needs. Our custom design team can work with you to develop benchmarks that are expertly matched to your objectives.

Asset Managers

Providing the right tools for better opportunities

Whether you are managing money on behalf of institutional or retail investors, you need the right tools to help you construct and manage your portfolios and to monitor and report on your performance against mandated benchmarks. For passive managers and ETF sponsors, we offer an array of indexes designed to be used as the basis for investment vehicles. These indexes offer focused, transparent and consistent exposure to a growing number of investment categories and disciplines. Additionally, there is a full ecosystem of investment vehicles made available to managers via third parties, including futures, options and real-time performance tracking on many of our standard indexes. FTSE Russell offers a full range of index solutions to help asset managers investigate their investment opportunity set and measure its performance. With your needs in mind, we combine comprehensive representation with modularity to ensure our indexes could be used both as research tools and efficient building blocks for asset allocation.


Better tools for smarter portfolio management

As investor needs have evolved, so too have FTSE Russell indexes. Today, we offer a full spectrum of truly relevant global indexes, including a new generation of alternatively weighted indexes to support new thinking in portfolio construction. FTSE Russell indexes are constructed to allow comprehensive market coverage, full transparency and objectivity. They are regularly maintained with an objective process for handling corporate actions and frequent rebalancing to maintain exposures. Our disciplined index methodology results in indexes that are relevant, accurate and reliable.


Providing real data for relevant support

As a dedicated supporter of the academic community, FTSE Russell offers professors and students complimentary access to a wide variety of FTSE Russell indexes—the same tools used by investment professionals around the world. Access to this real-world data is free to qualifying individuals and academic organizations.

ETF Sponsors

A broad range of integrated services

FTSE Russell calculates indexes which underpin many of the world’s largest and most widely traded ETFs. Our transparent, building block approach to index development ensures we remain the preferred index provider to over 50 ETF issuers who seek to enable investor access to new asset classes, geographies and investment approaches.

FTSE Russell commits people, technology and ideas to provide tools that help ETP issuers grow their business. A convergence of longstanding index calculation expertise, award-winning innovative index concepts, robust technologies and transparent calculation methodologies provide the foundation for successful ETPs.