Market Maps Reports

from Global Investment Research

Market navigation insights provided via a suite of monthly and quarterly reports. These publications offer timely capital-market analysis and insights across asset classes, regions, currencies, industries, and styles for better investment decision-making.

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Performance Insights

Insights on global performance across asset classes, regions, currencies, industries and styles. Reports are available in Local CCY, GBP, USD and EUR.

Fixed Income Insights

Global and local fixed income insights for US, UK, Eurozone and Japan, and dedicated reports for fixed income markets in China and Canada.

Equity Factor Insights

Insights on global and regional factor performances, industry exposures, rotation drivers and macro sensitivities.

Russell US Indexes Spotlight

A deep-dive into the performance and key market drivers of US equities.



Sustainable Investment Insights

Investment outcomes through the lens of our sustainable investment index strategies.



Asset Allocation Insights

Analysis of key drivers in different asset classes and cross-asset comparisons, with implications for asset allocation and portfolio construction.

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