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Investor action on climate risk and sustainability is firmly embedded in the investment decision-making process. Our Sustainable Investment Hub brings you the latest SI insights and analysis from our researchers and specialists.

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Green economy

Investing in the green economy - sizing the opportunity

The green economy is a US$4 trillion sector - but how is it defined? And what have been its performance characteristics?

Sizing the green economy: Green Revenues and the EU taxonomy

What do investors need to do to comply with the requirements of the EU Taxonomy regulation?

Navigating the EU Taxonomy Regulation

Do no Significant Harm’ and ‘Minimum Safeguards’ in practice

Fixed income

Anticipating the climate change risks for sovereign bonds (Part 3)

Quantifying financial risk from the physical risk of climate change.

How to build a climate-adjusted government bond index?

What are the unique challenges associated with incorporating climate risks into government bond indexes?

Benchmarking the green bond market

Green, Social, Sustainability bonds and Sustainability-linked bonds can play a crucial role to attract and direct private capital that finances improved social and environmental outcomes

Climate change integration

FTSE Russell study on EU Paris-aligned benchmarks

The FTSE All-World PAB Index achieves an average carbon emissions reduction of over 50% compared to the standard benchmark over a 10-year period, doubles the proportion of green revenue, and demonstrates a consistently higher TPI Management Quality Score.

Asset owner’s adoption of climate transition index

How one pension fund aligned its US passive allocations with low carbon goals

COP26: Bridging the gap of climate ambition

Is achieving the Paris Agreement objective a credible scenario?

Product engineering and methodologies

Amplifying the “S” in ESG: Investor Myth Buster

As investors come under pressure to incorporate social metrics in investing, this white paper addresses five common myths related to the “S” in ESG.

ESG scores and beyond - Part 2

What themes matter most in ESG ratings? What underpins FTSE Russell’s ESG ratings and identifies the themes that provide the highest contribution to an overall score?

ESG taxonomy for securitized products

Is it possible to take a quantitative approach to detecting responsible lending and servicing behaviors in RMBS markets?

Investment trends

Everything Green Flows: First Quarter, 2022

Refinitiv Lipper's analysis on ESG investments in Q1 2022, in the UK Market.

Sustainable Investment Insights: February 2022

Decarbonization and green technology-focused strategies suffered most from surging fossil-fuel prices and the resulting sell-off in Alternative Energy stocks.

Global asset owner sustainability survey sheds light on regional differences

Since we first surveyed global asset owners in 2017, we’ve learned more with each passing year about their awareness, attitudes, and behaviors when it comes to SI.

Diversity and inclusion

Refinitiv Report: Top 100 diversity and inclusion companies

Diversity and inclusion in the workforce is key to ensuring that companies remain competitive and meet the changing needs of their customers. Find out which firms are leading in this space.

Refinitiv Blog: The gender pay gap is informing investment strategies

Companies with no gender pay gap outperform businesses with pay inequality – whether it’s men or women who are earn more.

Refinitiv blog: Gender diversity: who’s in the chair?

What is the gender composition of chair people across the globe?

Policy and regulation

Financial markets wrestle with Scope 3 requirements

As companies consider how to report Scope 3 emissions data, SEC chair Gary Gensler says methodologies aren’t as well developed as those for Scope 1 and 2.

Refinitiv blog: U.S. SEC unveils landmark climate change risk disclosure rule">

The U.S. securities regulator on Monday 21 March unveiled a landmark proposal requiring U.S.-listed companies to disclose their climate change-related risks and greenhouse gas emissions.

Refinitiv blog: ESG funds dip toes into SFDR

Are UK fund management companies engaging with the SFDR? Refinitiv Lipper fund analysis takes a look at what’s non-ESG, “light green,” or “dark green.” With a few hefty caveats.

Latest videos

Investing in Climate Change

The time to invest in the climate transition?
We have seen an increase in climate investing and this video discusses why now, from regulation to COP26,and what is driving this investment strategy.


What are asset owners saying about sustainable investment?

Our 2021 annual survey of the market conducts in-depth research to better understand how sustainable investment is perceived, considered and used by asset owners around the world.


Integrating ESG into institutional-grade US indexes

Carolyn Eagle, senior SI product manager, discusses Russell US ESG Indexes. A range of indexes designed for investors that want an institutional-grade benchmark with an improved ESG profile.

Combining climate considerations and carry factor into sovereign bond indexes

Sovereign debt investors are exposed to a range of climate risks that are typically not well understood or integrated in the investment process. Carrie Ho, product manager, fixed income and multi-asset, talks about combining climate considerations and carry factor into sovereign bond indexes.

The ghosts of sustainable investing's past, present and future

Twenty years ago, investors mocked the launch of the first ESG focused index called FTSE4Good. But two decades later, interest in ESG indexes is driving some of the biggest allocations of capital today.


COP26 Net Zero Atlas

One of the authors, Nicolas Lancesseur explains how our COP26: Net Zero Atlas surveys countries’ latest climate targets and mitigation strategies. How aligned are governments’ net zero pledges, current policies and NDC commitments?

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FTSE Russell

The Transition Pathway to Net Zero for the Japanese market

Jun 7, 2022
Global climate change risks pose a major threat to countries, businesses and the planet. Investors are looking for explicit and quantitative indicators for investing in companies that manage climate transition risks and opportunities. This trend...  Read more
FTSE Russell

Investing in the green economy

May 20, 2022
This report discusses key trends and insights in the global green economy based on FTSE Russell Green Revenue data – a unique source providing granular, bottom-up information on corporate revenues from green products and services. Read it to...  Read more
FTSE Russell

Mind the gaps: Clarifying corporate carbon

May 9, 2022
As pressure on investors to decarbonize their portfolios continues to mount, the importance of Scope 1 and 2 carbon intensity will only increase. In this paper, we survey the current state of corporate carbon disclosure and explore the challenges...  Read more

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