Russell RAFI™ Index Series

The Russell RAFI™ Index Series is designed to capture the beta of a fundamental index strategy. Combining the transparency, objectivity and broad diversification that plan sponsors expect from Russell Indexes with the advantages of the Research Affiliates‘ Fundamental Index® Strategy. The Russell RAFI™ Index Series offers a cost-efficient index-based solution for investors seeking a complement to traditional passive strategies. Using publicly available data, the Russell RAFI™ Index Series methodology selects and weights securities using the average of three fundamental measures of company size including adjusted sales, retained operating cash flow and dividends plus buybacks.

Also available is the Russell RAFI™ Select Real Estate Index Series. This is a sub-set of the Russell RAFI™ Global Index, and is designed to provide exposure to the real estate segment of the global equity market by selecting and weighting securities by fundamental measures of company size as opposed to market capitalization.

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