FTSE UK Index Series

An accurate and consistent measurement of the UK equity market

History and heritage

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For decades, the indexes within the FTSE UK Index Series—the FTSE All-Share®, FTSE 100, FTSE 250 and other indexes—have served as a measure of the UK’s stock market and as a gauge of the health of the country’s economy, both during periods of optimism and in moments of crisis.

A historical chart of the FTSE All-Share Index, launched in 1962 and initially known as the FT-Actuaries All-Share Index, illustrates the rising importance of equities in the financial markets. The All-Share Index quickly became established amongst brokers, traders and professional investors as the standard measure of the UK share market’s day-to-day performance, a role it fulfills to this day.


The FTSE 100 Index, launched in 1984 as a tradeable index of the top 100 UK companies, soon featured in daily television news reports as the most popular gauge of the stock market’s health. The FTSE 100 Index was key in helping launch London’s new equity index derivatives market. The index’s rapid increase from its starting level of 1000 told the story of equities’ bull market of the 1980s and 1990s. Learn more about our history and heritage.