FTSE Multi-Asset Core Infrastructure Index Series

The benefits of blending debt and equity to diversify a portfolio are well-known, and long ago gave rise to multi-asset investing. What happens when you apply this principle to listed infrastructure?

Our Research shows that combining equity and fixed income listed infrastructure into a single portfolio can have several potential benefits:

  • Two levels of diversification
  • The potential for higher risk-adjusted returns
  • The potential to improve the yield profile of an infrastructure bond allocation

Introducing the FTSE Multi-Asset Core Infrastructure Index Series:

  • Comprehensive, multi-asset, multi-currency index series diversified across three clearly defined infrastructure sectors
  • Covers developed and emerging equity markets, as well as investment-grade and high-yield fixed income markets across several major currencies, from both corporate and quasi-government issuer
  • Benefits from FTSE Russell’s two step approach to defining “core” infrastructure, utilizing a dual revenue and sector screening approach