Climate-driven investing is heating up

Investors are increasingly recognizing the impact of climate change and the transition to a low carbon economy is one of the greatest investment risks and opportunities of our times.

As this issue is very quickly becoming front and center in the public dialogue, we work closely with the investment community to provide data and analytics that zero-in on sustainable investment hotspots and climate-informed indexes that can cool down investment strategies.

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Discover how to power investment objectives with flexible and transparent climate data, how to incorporate climate considerations into index design, and how to identify and manage risk through climate-informed fixed income analytics.

This is leadership for climate-driven investors.

Corporate climate data

FTSE Russell’s Green Revenues data model analyzes and categorizes companies using a unique industrial taxonomy for green goods, products, and services that covers 10 sectors and 64 subsectors. For companies classified in one or more of the green subsectors, a total percentage(s) of revenue from green products is provided.

Sovereign climate data

Beyond Ratings has designed Sovereign Climate KPIs, a unique methodology to assess the performance of investment portfolios with regards to climate exposure. This methodology is based on a series of exclusive metrics on carbon footprint, energy transition, and physical climate risks available for more than 170 countries and 10,000 corporates.

Climate equity indexes

The FTSE TPI Climate Transition Index Series measures the performance of a global and diversified basket of securities that tilts index weights based on five key climate considerations: company exposure to green revenues, fossil fuel reserves and carbon emissions; as well as companies' climate governance activities and forward-looking commitments to carbon emission pathways.

Climate fixed income indexes

The FTSE Climate Risk-Adjusted Government Bond Index Series measures the performance of fixed rate, local currency, investment-grade sovereign bonds, and tilts index weights according to each countries’ relative exposure to climate risk, with respect to resilience and preparedness to the risks of climate change.

Sovereign Climate analytics

The combination of Beyond Rating’s market leading climate and ESG data with Yield Book’s trusted fixed income analytics provide clients with a flexible and authoritative source for climate solutions in sovereign markets.

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