Sustainable investment indexes

Designed to meet the diverse environmental, social, and governance (ESG) needs of investors, FTSE Russell offers data and expertise to integrate ESG and investment considerations into a single sustainable investment (SI) index solution. With over two decades of SI experience, FTSE Russell provides clients with sustainable investment data models, ratings, analytics, and indexes covering thousands of companies and the main sovereign issuers globally.

Featured indexes

FTSE4Good Market-cap weighted, Sustainable investment, Risk-based Global
FTSE Smart Sustainability Sustainable Investment, Factor Exposure, Smart Sustainability Global
FTSE Global Choice Market cap-weighted, Sustainable Investment Global
FTSE Green Revenues Alternatively weighted, Sustainable investment Global
FTSE TPI Climate Transition Alternatively weighted, Sustainable investment Global
FTSE Global Climate Alternatively weighted, Sustainable investment Global
FTSE Climate Risk-Adjusted World Government Bond Sovereign, Sustainable Investment Global
FTSE Blossom Japan Alternatively weighted, Sustainable investment Asia Pacific
FTSE ESG Alternatively weighted, Sustainable investment Global
Russell US ESG Indexes Alternatively-weighted, Sustainable Investment Americas
FTSE Environmental Markets Market cap-weighted, Sustainable Investment, Industry-Specific Global
FTSE EU Climate Benchmarks Alternatively-weighted, Sustainable Investment EMEA


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