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Russell US Small, SMID and Microcap

Small cap perspectives Q1 highlights

Serious investors take asset allocation seriously. Russell Indexes understands this need, and as a result sets a high standard in defining market cap segments. Many comparisons have been made between the Russell 2000 Index and other “small cap” indexes, but when you take a closer look, few can compare . With approximately  $1.9 trillion in total assets benchmarked and $176 billion in passive assets including ETFs, mutual funds and other investable products. The Russell 2000 Index (small), Russell 2500 Index (SMID) and Russell Microcap Index are the most used small cap  indexes by institutions and consultants, representing an 86% institutional US equity market share.*

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* Data as of December 31, 2016 as reported on March 31, 2017 by eVestment for institutional assets, Morningstar for retail mutual funds, insurance products, and ETFs, and additional passive assets directly collected by FTSE Russell. AUM data includes blended benchmarks and excludes futures and options. Passive assets directly collected by FTSE Russell have been removed from third party sources to prevent double counting. No assurances are given by FTSE Russell as to the accuracy of the data.