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Investing in green opportunities

FTSE Russell’s Green Revenues data model and the FTSE Green Revenues Index Series track companies that generate green revenues – a critical component missing from current sustainability models. Now, investors can accurately identify and support their investment in companies that are engaged in the world’s transition to a green economy with consistent, transparent data and indexes.

Green revenues data and analytics

Faced with growing environmental public policy, investors are increasingly challenged to measure the impact of the green economy on their portfolios. Financial institutions require transparent data that enables them to monitor the companies and sectors engaged in transitioning to a green economy and to translate the green activity into financial performance of investments.

Video gallery: Green Revenues explained

New future for 'green' investing (3:03)
Listen to FTSE Russell’s CEO, Mark Makepeace, talk about what clients are experiencing when considering sustainability issues today and the benefits of quantifying the revenue mix of companies from green goods, products and services. (Transcript)

Green Revenues data model

FTSE Russell’s Green Revenues data model measures the revenue exposure of more than 14,700 public companies engaged in the transition to the green economy across 48 developed and emerging markets. Companies are analyzed and categorized using the unique FTSE Green Revenues Classification System (GRCS) across 10 green sectors and 133 micro sectors.

A Green Revenues Factor is calculated for each company between zero and 100% of revenues. This unique factor represents the total of green revenues generated by the company from any of the 133 micro sectors in any single fiscal year as a ratio of the company’s overall revenues. Factors can be mapped over time; calculated across any of the 133 micro sectors or 10 broad green sectors; and aggregated by company size, traditional industrial classifications, country, region or globally.

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FTSE Green Revenues Index Series

These indexes are based on the Green Revenues data model and are designed to provide investors with indexes capturing managed exposure to companies with revenues from green goods, products and services.

Featured indexes:

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