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Custom Solutions

Precision tools

FTSE Russell custom index solutions provides custom indexes to a wide variety of clients, including buy side, sell side, custodians, asset owners, exchanges, investment consultants and exchange-traded fund providers. We offer accurate and flexible custom performance benchmarks to help our clients measure the performance of their unique investment strategies. Custom indexes can also be designed to serve as the foundation for index-linked investment products, including ETFs, passive funds, structured products and derivatives.

A dedicated team

Our specialist custom team is dedicated to working with clients in a highly consultative and collaborative way to deliver bespoke index solutions. Our research, operations and product management experts provide a personalized service to assist in index design and execution.

A broad-based platform 

We offer clients the freedom to create their bespoke index through the use of an extensive and constantly evolving database of stocks from 91 countries. We also cover a range of asset classes, including equities, fixed income and alternatives, such as privately-owned companies.

A range of customization options 

FTSE Russell offers the flexibility to apply various security selection criteria, weighting schemes, maintenance rules and screens including exclusion lists. 

World-class index design 

As with all FTSE Russell indexes, custom indexes are underpinned by our world-class index design standards of transparency, clarity, and strong governance.

Benefit from an independent index calculator 

FTSE Russell acts as an unaffiliated index calculation agent powered by the FTSE Russell brand.

Client service and operations coverage

24 hour client support from around the globe.

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