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Smart beta: 2016 global survey findings from asset owners

Designed to show the progression of how smart beta products are perceived, evaluated, and adopted, our third annual smart beta survey builds on results from previous surveys to further reveal asset owners’ burgeoning interest in smart beta products.

Russell Fundamental US Index factsheet

The Russell Fundamental Index Series is designed to capture the beta of a fundamental index strategy. Combining the transparency, objectivity and broad diversification that plan sponsors expect from Russell Indexes with the advantages of the Research Affiliates‘ Fundamental Index Strategy. The Russell Fundamental Index Series offers a cost-efficient index-based solution for investors seeking a complement to traditional passive strategies.

Visit the Russell Fundamental Index Series page for more information.

The rise of factor investing

The first wave of smart beta index products was concerned with addressing index concentration and reducing volatility. Such products embed a set of implicit factor outcomes and were followed by products that explicitly targeted specific factor outcomes. In this article we provide an overview of why factors matter and how investors are using them.

FTSE RAFI Indexes methodology overview

The FTSE RAFITM Index Series is another member of FTSE’s range of nonmarket capitalisation weighted indexes. Using the Fundamental Index methodology developed by Research Affiliates LLC of Newport Beach, California, the index breaks with the traditional price-based market cap weighted design, and instead derives its constituent weights from fundamental measures of company size.

FTSE RAFI Lov Vol index series methodology overview

The FTSE RAFI Low Volatility Index Series Series is part of FTSE’s range of alternatively weighted indexes. The index series is designed to measure the performance of a basket of low volatility stocks screened for value.

FTSE Russell index-linked ETFs / ETNs — North America

FTSE Russell is one of the worlds’ leading providers of indexes for ETFs, providing a comprehensive suite of issuer services encompassing index creation, research, and analytics for both indexes and ETFs.