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Green Revenues data model

Measuring the percentage of revenue from “Green” products on over 13,500 public companies across 47 developed and emerging markets


FTSE Russell’s Green Revenues data model helps investors understand the global industrial transition to a green and low carbon economy with consistent, transparent data and indexes.

Companies are analyzed and categorized using a unique industrial taxonomy for green good, products, and services that covers 8 sectors and 60 subsectors.  For companies classified in one or more of the green subsectors, a total percentage(s) of revenue from green products is provided. 


Monitor the companies and sectors engaged in transitioning to a green economy

Manage exposure by translating the green activity into financial performance of investments

Encourage listed companies to improve their green revenues disclosure

Content and Features

13,500 public companies Coverage of +13,500 companies, including FTSE Global Equity Index Series and Russell 3000® Index; covering 47 Developed and Emerging markets equal to roughly 98% of global market cap 

Nearly 3,000 companies generating green revenues

Nearly 3,000 companies have green activities from one or more of the 60 green subsectors. More than 250,000 lines of sub segment revenue data has been captured through a rules-based, transparent process.

8 years of green revenues

A detailed 8 year corporate financial history dating back to 2008 allows users to identify and analyze the structural shift to a green economy across public companies.