FTSE Fixed Income Core Infrastructure Index Series product highlights

Broaden your approach to public infrastructure with an aligned view across the capital structure

Infrastructure is an asset class often seen by market participants as a diversification tool that can be used as a hedge to long-term liabilities by offering exposure to potentially stable, inflation-linked, low-beta returns. Combining listed equity and public debt infrastructure securities enables market participants to expand their opportunity set across the capital structure, which can offer improved risk-adjusted returns and other diversification benefits compared to a single-asset class approach.

In addition to the widely-tracked FTSE Infrastructure Index Series, which measures the performance of infrastructure and infrastructure-related listed equity securities worldwide, FTSE Russell also offers the FTSE Fixed Income Core Infrastructure Index Series. The series is comprised of broad market multi-currency indexes designed to reflect the performance of infrastructure debt securities issued by corporate and quasigovernment issuers worldwide. The indexes track investment-grade and high-yield markets across several major currencies, diversified across the three FTSE Russell-defined “core” infrastructure sectors.