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Indexing the world

In June 2018, FTSE Russell announced the launch of the FTSE Global Micro Cap Index Series, extending target coverage of the FTSE Global Equity Indexes (FTSE GEIS) to over 99% of the global investable equity market. With this enhancement, FTSE GEIS provides broad, modular coverage of the entire global opportunity set by including large, mid, small and micro cap companies across both developed and emerging markets.

This paper provides:

  • A brief history of FTSE GEIS.
  • An illustration of the broad coverage and modular design of FTSE GEIS.
  • An explanation of how FTSE’s Country Classification process has evolved, including an introduction to its unique four-tiered approach to classifying markets.
  • A step-by-step overview of the FTSE GEIS review process.
  • An introduction to the FTSE Russell governance process.
  • An example of how global equity markets have changed over time and how FTSE GEIS has evolved to reflect this change.