Digital asset data

Supporting market interest in blockchain based assets

Expertise is important in digital assets

Interest in digital assets has continued to grow, and as a leader in data, indexes and analytics we have taken note. We have partnered with Digital Asset Research for their expertise in cryptocurrency research for traditional markets. Together, we have been working with regulators globally to offer tools to the institutional community for assessment and potential portfolio inclusion. We are putting the tools and methodology in place to facilitate trust and credibility in these assets, bridging the gap between “crypto-native” providers and the traditional investment community. 

The digital asset market has lacked reliable and definitive pricing data, as price data from free price aggregators focused on quantity over quality, and included manipulated data. It is here that our journey begins, providing transparent and reliable data on price and market structure to address institutional investor and regulator concerns. This is underpinned by a transparent and rigorous process to vet the more than 350 digital asset exchanges. Trading venues must pass all vetting tests to be included as a price source. There are two levels determining inclusion in separate data streams.

FTSE DAR Reference Price
In any market, ensuring clean price data is key to better research and analysis. The FTSE DAR Reference Price utilizes a methodology seeks to isolate real economic activity between buyers and sellers of digital assets. We have endeavored, with the team at Digital Asset Research, to provide the marketplace with coverage on all digital assets in which pricing is possible. The FTSE DAR Reference Price will be available in two separate products based on two levels of exchange vetting.
DAR taxonomy

Underlying any well-constructed data set lives a comprehensive and flexible structure to ensure logical categorization for better consolidation and market analysis. As part of its work with FTSE Russell, Digital Asset Research has constructed a new comprehensive taxonomy for understanding the digital asset universe and the behaviors of different types of assets within this market.

DAR taxonomy

Defining digital asset diversity for more precise market analysis

DAR diagram


  • Financial Instruments
    • Digital assets that apply the decentralized properties digital assets to financial contracts and corporate structures that exist in traditional finance.
  • Digital Currencies
    • Digital assets whose main objective is to replicate the fundamental functions of money: store of value, medium of exchange and unit of account.
  • Computation Platforms
    • Digital assets that exist within networks that support highly expressive, Turing-complete smart contracts.