Digital asset data

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Digital asset prices

The digital asset market had historically lacked trustworthy pricing data, as available data from free price aggregators was focused on quantity over quality, providing no mechanisms for screening out manipulated data. The FTSE DAR Reference Price has countered this pain point with its robust asset and exchange vetting methodology set up to remove unverifiable transactions from the data set.

FTSE Russell has combined specialized asset knowledge — from the experts at Digital Asset Research — with deep index construction and investment process experience. The index series thoughtfully aggregates and reports on this 24/7 data points and hundreds of exchanges to align this new asset type to portfolio construction and reporting needs. Reference Price will be available in two separate products based on two levels of exchange vetting.

Digital asset taxonomy

Underlying any well-constructed data set lives a comprehensive and flexible structure to ensure logical categorization for better consolidation and market analysis. As part of its work with FTSE Russell, Digital Asset Research has constructed a new comprehensive taxonomy for understanding the digital asset universe and the behaviors of different types of assets within this market.

SEDOL Masterfile

Select digital assets are now included in the SEDOL Masterfile, including it in an expanding reference data set used for cross asset industry identification needs.

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