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Sometimes only print will do

Mergent has been in the business of providing libraries and researchers with business data for more than 100 years. While most of our offerings are available digitally, for some client needs only print will do. Mergent meets this need with Dun & Bradstreet, Hoovers, Nielsen, Harris and, of course, Mergent reports. The Mergent Business Press platform provides easy ordering of a wide variety of historical books as well as regular updates which can be delivered in print or e-book format.

Blue Sky manual exemption service

Blue Sky laws are state or jurisdictional laws in the US that regulate the offering and sale of securities in order to protect the public investors from fraud. These laws vary from state to state, and registrations can be costly to obtain across multiple states. The manual exemption offers a cost-effective avenue for companies to meet their Blue Sky obligations.

​Mergent Manuals listing exemption

Recognized by 39 states

A listing in the Mergent Manuals and News Reports will facilitate US trading of securities (common stock and ADRs) by providing an exemption in states that have the "manual exemption" provision in their statutes. In addition, without compliance with Blue Sky laws—or exemption from them—the statutes can prevent brokers from soliciting interest in your company from their clients. Significantly lower your initial and annual renewal costs for Blue Sky with Mergent Manuals exemption service. While it could take months for an individual company to meet all the requirements for all 39 states, Mergent can have you meet your requirements in three days for an expedited listing.

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