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Drawing on more than a century of financial information-gathering expertise, we have continuously refined our dynamic database of municipal and corporate securities, making us one of the most detailed and organized fixed income information resources. On average, over 1,900 Corporate Bond Issues are added monthly as well as over 12,000 Municipal Bonds. Information includes detailed terms and conditions covering investment grade corporate debt issues, municipal bonds, high yield securities, US treasuries and agencies, and other sovereign and government debt securities. The database includes debentures, fixed, floating and adjustable rates, private placements, medium term notes (MTNs), convertible securities, bonds with embedded options and municipal securities.

US Taxable Fixed Income Database (Corporates)

This data set provides terms and conditions on over 398,000 publicly underwritten corporate securities issued in the United States: Yankees (US dollar-denominated securities issued by foreign issuers), supranational securities, convertible bonds, medium term notes, high yield, adjustable rate securities, ESOP securities, underwritten exchange offer securities, and more.
Sample Issue and Issuer content:
– Full Bond description
– Prospectus issuer name
– Maturity date
– Dated date
– Coupon rate
– Security level (senior, junior, etc.)
– Industry codes (SIC and NAICS codes)
– Stock ticker
– Issuer name and parent relationship
–Bankruptcy and interest defaults

US Municipal Fixed Income Database

This data set provides terms and conditions on over 3.6 million US municipal securities ranging from general obligation to revenue bonds, including taxable and refunding bonds, in both the primary and secondary markets.
Sample content
Issue Data – Tax code, Purpose, Security, Use of proceeds, Ratings collection
Maturity Data – Coupon dates, Pricing, Call schedules, Sinking funds
Secondary Data – Full and partial calls, Prefunded/unrefunded data, Defaults

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