Equity data

A broad offering of company data to meet your front office and product needs

Profiles on global active and inactive companies with over 25 years of financials brought to you through a convenient data feed

The equity data feed services cover everything from basic company fundamentals and financials to equity pricing and ownership data. The detailed collection practices provide access to a significant amount of fielded content to help make your front office and products more robust.


Global Company Fundamentals

This service offers research on companies in a convenient data feed for a client’s internal applications or website. The data feed provides profiles on global active and inactive companies from over 100 countries including over 25 years of as-reported financials and standardized financials based on globally accepted XBRL taxonomies for active companies.

All companies are classified into one of four financial templates: Commercial & Industrial, Banking & Savings, Insurance and Investment. 
Content and features:
— Broad coverage includes global companies from over 100 countries and over 25 years of financial history.
— Officially sourced data is collected from official documents from the SEC, SEDAR and official annual reports.
— Detailed content includes company names, address, unbiased business summaries, industry classifications, subsidiary listings, annual/quarterly as-reported and standardized financials, trailing 12-month financials and much more.
— Flexible delivery options include intraday or end of day feeds in XML or CSV format via FTP.

North American End of Day Pricing

The Historical Securities Database provides reliable daily end-of-day market data on all listed North American equities and mutual funds. This data is offered in one of two available feeds: FullyAdjusted/FullyConnected or Unadjusted/Unconnected.
Our FullyAdjusted/FullyConnected (FAFC) data feed provides a turnkey solution for charts and graphs. Designed to minimize development resources, FAFC automatically applies all adjustments and connections to your local database. This data is offered in two available feeds, one for US exchanges and one for Canadian exchanges.
Our Unadjusted/Unconnected (UAUC) data feed is geared towards institutions requiring a historical perspective with no survivorship bias. UAUC delivers market data the way it was originally reported by the exchanges. This data is offered in two available feeds, one for US exchanges and one for Canadian exchanges.
Our Short Interest Monitor (SIM) data feed provides a single source for short interest information.  SIM provides over 15 years of historical short interest position information as it was originally reported along with continuous monthly updates, all in a single, unified format.
Content and features:
— Broad coverage includes current and former NYSE, AMEX, NASDAQ, ARCA, OTCBB, Pink Sheet, Indexes, Mutual Funds, Canadian and Bond listed securities.
— Detailed content includes daily composite volume, open, high, low and close price as well as terms and conditions of corporate actions, splits and dividends.
— Historical coverage of NYSE, AMEX and NASDAQ from 7/28/1980; Regional Exchanges from 7/28/1980; S&P 500 from 1/3/1972; OTC Bulletin Board from 8/30/1996; Listed US Open End Mutual Funds from 11/24/1986; Listed Canadian securities from 5/17/1990; Indexes, indicators and exchange rates from 1/2/1900.
— Daily delta files delivered in CSV format via FTP.

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