China: Evolving the emerging markets landscape

A leading provider of China indexes

Developed through years of experience measuring China’s economic development, FTSE Russell offers a range of indexes to support both domestic and international investors looking to access this unique opportunity set. As the first international provide of mainland Chinese benchmarks and an ever-expanding index product range that captures the breadth and depth of China’s equity and fixed income markets, FTSE Russell leads the way in providing solutions to clients.

Representing the China A Shares opportunity set

Announced as part of the 2018 FTSE Equity Country Classification Review, China A Shares are now included in the FTSE Global Equity Index Series (FTSE GEIS) as a Secondary Emerging market. Implementation of Phase 1 occurred according to the following schedule:

China A Shares: timeline

china timeline

December 2019 review cycle bypassed to avoid low equity and low CNH liquidity. Phase 1 includes constituents of the FTSE China A Stock Connect CNH All Cap Index (screened for 60 day non-trading day rule)