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Welcome to the FTSE Russell Blog

Rolf Agather, CFA, Managing Director of Research

At FTSE Russell, we know that institutional investors and consultants have access to a wealth of information from countless sources.  All this data and research can help investment professionals like you better understand the market and make informed investment decisions. But it can be difficult and time-consuming to sift through such large volumes of information and identify what’s most useful.

That’s why we’re launching the new FTSE Russell blog. The blog will feature fresh articles every week from our experienced team of indexing thought leaders. They will give you deeply researched analysis in succinct and easily digestible pieces, using indexing as an essential tool to help you understand financial markets.  

Just as our index offerings are broad and varied, the insights you’ll find in our blog will cover a tremendous breadth and depth of topics. We won’t simply provide market commentary—we’ll deliver unique insights on events unfolding around the globe, highlighting new proprietary research, trends, innovations and investment themes—all through the lens of the institutional investor.  

As FTSE Russell has emerged as a leading global index provider, institutional investors are increasingly turning to us as a trusted source for education. As such, we strive to deliver transparent and objective research that responds to the constantly evolving requirements of our clients.

Our aim is always to provide the industry thought leadership that investment professionals like you need to perform at your best. And as FTSE and Russell have combined our complementary core strengths of international and domestic indexing, we’re poised to publish research with a wider scope of coverage than ever before.

The blog is our way of giving you access to this deep industry knowledge and academic rigor in a format that’s readable and accessible while taking up as little of your valuable time as possible. For example, you will see blogs over the next few weeks examining topics as diverse but topical as market behavior in rising interest rate cycles; global small cap stocks; differences between similar smart beta indexes; and the effect of plunging oil prices on stock markets.

Digital and social media offer an ideal platform for sharing our latest research and ideas with institutional investors, but it’s important to note that the new blog isn’t intended to be a final stop for valuable investment insights. We view it as a gateway to FTSE Russell’s extensive, world-class research content available to institutional investors on our redesigned web site. Many of our blog posts will provide a springboard for you to take a deeper, more analytical dive into a particular topic, directing you to relevant research papers and Insights articles. 

So if you’re looking for an easy way to access the full range of our research to help you understand the markets, look no further than the FTSE Russell Blog.      

Blog Listing Page