Beyond Ratings data

Bringing sustainability to fixed income investing

Beyond Ratings data enables Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) integration into fixed income, and multi asset research, complementing traditional credit analysis, with the goal of assisting financial sector clients in the transition towards a sustainable economy.

Beyond Ratings data offers:

  • Institutional grade fixed income sustainable investment data sets.
  • Sustainable fixed income indexes, based on FTSE Russell’s trusted index families.
  • Data that includes smart risk and climate metrics, in addition to underlying models.
  • A broad choice of ESG integration solutions that can span both equity and fixed income.

Beyond Ratings data is built on in-house expertise on climate/ESG, data science, and financial risk assessment, and covers over 175 countries and 10,000 companies.

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ESG Factor-In
Assesses the overall ESG performance of a country relative to its peers, highlighting how ESG factors contribute to the sustainable growth of a country.

Sovereign Climate KPIs
Metrics offering a comprehensive view of country exposure to climate-related risks & opportunities (physical & transition).

Sovereign Risk Monitor
ESG-augmented credit risk score offering a quantitative, relative and systematic approach to integrating ESG fundamentals in sovereign risk assessment.

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