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Announcement – FTSE TMX

Our clients and stakeholders are at the core of our commitment to the Canadian market. This client focus was a key to FTSE Russell’s decision to acquire 100% ownership of FTSE TMX Global Debt Capital Markets Limited (“FTSE TMX”), following the purchase of the respective minority shareholdings from TMX Group Limited (“TMX”) and MTS S.p.A (“MTS”).  

With this transaction, we are working hard to ensure we deliver world-leading benchmarks, data and analytics that are bespoke to the demands and expectations of our Canadian clients. This investment builds on our 2017 acquisition of The Yield Book, Inc. and the Citi Fixed Income indexes and enhances our ability to provide highly competitive and integrated services across the domestic landscape.

Building on our strong history and heritage in Canadian fixed income solutions

We are proud of our Canadian team and their extensive history of client engagement. Our local group is ably supported by a global team of professionals who share a common goal of ensuring the continued enhancement of our fixed income offering in Canada.  We believe this transaction will deliver additional choice, greater innovation and added value for our clients, along with opportunities to provide Canadian clients with enhanced local-market products.

Changes to FTSE TMX Canada index names

Following this acquisition, the FTSE TMX Canada indexes are being renamed from “FTSE TMX Canada [Name of Index]” to “FTSE Canada [Name of Index].” The index naming conventions will remain unchanged, only references to TMX will be removed. For example, the “FTSE TMX Canada Universe Bond Index” will become “FTSE Canada Universe Bond Index”.

Further information about the new names of the Canada Fixed Income Indexes can be found here.  

The name of the corporate entity operating in Canada will also be updated to remove reference to TMX and renamed as FTSE Global Debt Capital Markets Inc.

It is our goal to make this rebrand as seamless as possible to our clients and provide ample support through the process. Further information about the implementation of the rebranding can be found below, and in our FAQ which you can download above. If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to contact us directly via the link at the top of this page.

Rebrand - Implementation and Timing

To provide our clients with sufficient time and flexibility to implement the rebrand, materials and platforms will transition to the new index names over the course of a 9-month period. The transition to the new index names will commence on July 12, 2018 and will be completed on April 12, 2019, at which time our index materials, files, and platforms will be aligned.

Clients are encouraged to take the necessary steps to update their materials with the new index names and cease using the references to the “TMX” name and trademarks previously permitted under the relevant agreement(s) as soon as practicable, but in any event, use must cease no later than April 12, 2019.

Please note that during the rebranding process, there may be a period where updated materials that contain the rebranded “FTSE Canada” index names will co-exist with legacy materials that still contain the legacy “FTSE TMX Canada” index names. As we work to update our websites and index materials throughout the course of this transition period, we will continue to share updates with you as progress is made.

New Index Names

Further information about the new names of the Canada Fixed Income Indexes can be found here.

Reference to Source and Use of Disclaimers

In addition to index names, reference to the “TMX” name must also be removed from source attribution and disclaimers. The updated source and disclaimer language can be found here.