FTSE Bond Analytics

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FTSE Bond Analytics is an analytical software system for Institutional Portfolio Management that consists of programs for trading and managing fixed income securities. Evaluate the market and identify opportunities using a suite of programs that share an extensive database of issue information and historical pricing.

60 years

of data history

Consisting of the largest database in Canada, the suite of programs provides access to 60 years of data history - Price, Yield, Total Return, Duration, Index Weights, Ratings and more.

Even historical Volume and Ratings are available in the Excel-based applications or in chart format.

FTSE Bond Analytics is available as both a standalone application or networked, with multiple users accessing a single database and set of programs. The system is supported on Windows XP and higher (including Windows 10) and requires Office 2003 or higher.
FTSE Bond Analytics can instantly turn market data into investment information to assist you in your investment decisions – a complete software system to meet all your analysis needs.

FTSE Bond Analytics Overview


Portfolio Analytics


Canadian Bond Indices

Volume & Trade Analysis

Blended Indices

Comparison Reporting


Price/Yield/Volume Charting

Technical Analysis


Trade Analytics

Cashflow Analysis


19,000 Issues 

Index Constituents

Price/Yield History


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