Our clients

Helping our clients with their investment solutions

Asset owners

Relevant benchmarks for institutional investors

Relevant indexes across asset classes, styles, and strategies provide accurate benchmarks for performance measurement, asset allocation, and research. Our custom design team helps asset owners develop benchmarks precisely matched to their objectives.


Benchmark solutions to help your clients

As a key part of the investment eco-system, we can provide you with solutions that will assist with strategic asset allocation options for your clients.

Passive managers and ETF sponsors

The basis of next-generation index funds and ETFs

Expertly designed indexes offer focused, transparent, and consistent exposure to a growing number of investment categories and disciplines. Datafeeds for the ETF ecosystem help clients make investment decisions, build research and portfolio tools, and conduct industry and product analysis.

Active managers

Discover sophisticated solutions

Accurate benchmarks for performance measurement and attribution analysis. Dependable tools to help identify opportunities and manage risks, inform investment strategies, and provide a framework for market comparisons. Corporate data and ratings support company evaluation.

Wealth managers

Focus on client values

With more than $3T of investment product assets passively tracking our indexes, wealth managers around the world select these investment products to build portfolios that meet their clients’ specific investment objectives. Benchmark and analytics tools support proportional allocation to asset classes, can help to improve risk-adjusted returns and generational wealth transfer, and back-fill account decumulation.

Academic, corporate, public, government and legal teams

Access quality libraries

Comprehensive, connected data sets surface data on companies, markets, indexes, and ETFs. Mergent, now part of FTSE Russell, brings over a century of leading business and financial information.

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