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The Indian fixed income market

With a burgeoning economy and two-thirds of its massive and rapidly growing population of working age, India is viewed by many as a highly attractive country for doing business. This paper surveys the state of the Indian Rupee-denominated fixed income markets and considers the opportunities for foreign investors.

Harnessing the long-term potential of dividend growth

This paper explores the key characteristics and return patterns that have differentiated dividend growth strategies over time as well as explores the dividend growth methodology that ensures the long-term viability of dividends being paid.

Press Releases

FTSE Russell launches Country Classification framework for Fixed Income

  Introduces framework for calibrating ‘Market Accessibility Levels’ for local currency, fixed-rate government bond markets Countries tracked by our indexes will be assigned an accessibility level of 0,1 or 2, with 2 representing the highest level A transparent, process-orientated framework assessing market accessibility for foreign investors measured across four market criteria; 17...

FTSE Russell and Refinitiv extend fixed income relationship

  FTSE Russell and Refinitiv have a long-standing relationship in fixed income data Extension of relationship will provide customers globally with more choice through rich and broad fixed income data sets, analytics and indexes FTSE Russell today announce that, following a detailed supplier review, they have agreed to broaden the scope of Refinitiv’s data sets used within FTSE Russel...

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