FTSE Russell and Sustainalytics partner to create new ESG indexes based on the Russell US indexes

New green real estate indexes

Introducing FTSE EPRA Nareit Green Indexes

Smart beta survey

2018 global survey findings from asset owners


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Factor valuation considerations

Factor investing is increasingly in vogue, with estimates of passive assets tracking such strategies reaching US$729B. This popularity has led investors, academics and practitioners to question the extent to which factor premiums may have been arbitraged away and the future performance of such factor strategies.One approach to answering these questions is to assess the relative valuation of facto...

Implementation considerations for defensive strategies: A look at three approaches

Implementation considerations for defensive strategies: A look at three approaches

Recent market turbulence has refocused attention on the potential long-term benefits of defensive investment strategies. In this new paper, we take an in-depth look at three such approaches.

Press Releases

FTSE Russell introduces Market Based Allocation Index Series

FTSE Russell today introduced the FTSE Market Based Allocation Index Series. The new series initially comprises five indexes designed for use by the US wealth management and financial advisory community and other multi-asset investors, bridging a gap in index coverage for this important and growing market and demonstrating FTSE Russell’s continued expansion of its multi-asset capabilities.

FTSE Russell launches FTSE UK 100 ESG Select Index

  HSBC selects index as underlying benchmark for series of new ESG-related structured products New index tracks performance of the top 100 UK-listed companies with strong ESG practices Market-cap weighted index leverages FTSE Russell’s robust ESG Ratings and data model Growing global demand to incorporate ESG factors as a core part of investment and stewardship approaches FTSE Russel...

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