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Investing in the global green economy: Busting common myths

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Meeting the demand for listed infrastructure indexes in developed markets

Infrastructure is an asset class often seen by investors as a diversification tool that can provide a hedge to long-term liabilities by offering exposure to potentially stable returns and steady income. Developed markets listed infrastructure indexes enable investors to measure the performance of an increasingly important segment of global equity markets. In our latest core infrastructure paper, we explore the wide range of infrastructure assets, examine how the FTSE Developed Core Infrastructure Index works, and look at how the potential for higher dividend yields is generating interest in infrastructure from a wide variety of investors.

Factor Indexes and Factor Exposure Matching: Like-for-Like Comparisons

Our latest factor research paper introduces empirical evidence of what academics have been telling us for many years – that factor exposures matter. Factor exposures are important drivers of portfolio performance and in many practical cases, the dominant drivers.

Press Releases

Merseyside Pension Fund selects FTSE Russell for new Smart Sustainability index

  Top 5 UK Local Government Pension Scheme commits to ‘Smart Sustainability’ multi-factor climate index Global equity index will combine comprehensive factor exposure alongside climate change considerations New index expected to launch in November 2018 FTSE Russell collaborating with Merseyside Pension Fund to support the Fund’s Climate Risk Strategy Growing trend among asset own...

Launch of new FTSE ST Singapore Shariah Index

FTSE Russell has launched a new Shariah-compliant index tracking companies listed on the Singapore Exchange (SGX). The FTSE ST Singapore Shariah Index has been designed to track Shariah-compliant companies listed on SGX and can used as the basis of investment products.

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