Green Revenues

Green Revenues

Are your investments exposed to the green economy?

FTSE Russell’s Green Revenues framework allows investors for the first time to accurately measure the world’s transition to a green economy.

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Seeking an index solution targeting specific risk factors?

A range of transparent benchmarks can be used by investors seeking to target specific risk factors, rules-based strategies or market segments, complementing traditional active and passive analysis.

China Indexes

Interested in exploring key opportunities in China?

FTSE Russell’s China Index Series cover all Chinese share types, multiple asset classes and investment themes including style, dividend yield, fundamentally weighted and property.

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FTSE Russell equity indexes are designed to provide an objective and comprehensive picture of the world’s markets.


Russell indexes reconstitution 2016: The incredible shrinking market

Russell indexes reconstitution 2016: The incredible shrinking market

By: Layla Hirschfelt, Sr. Product Manager

Reconstitution day for the Russell US indexes, like Thanksgiving, occurs every year around the same time—the last Friday in June. On this day instead of passing turkey around the table, the Russell US indexes pass around their underlying constituents in a process of  rebalancing. By analyzing some of the underlying factors that go into the year’s rebalancing, a theme will typically emerge. For 2016 the theme was “The Incredible Shrinking Market,” highlighting changes that underscore the importance of this annual process. 

Index IDEA: Small caps in focus; FTSE Russell & Steven DeSanctis from Jefferies & Company

For the second quarter as of June 15, the Russell 2000 Index, a measure of US small cap stocks, has performed higher than the Russell 1000 Index, a measure of US large cap stocks. However, the Russell 2000 Index has fallen by 9% since the completion of the last Russell Indexes reconstitution on Friday, June 26, 2015.

Press Releases

Annual Russell US index reconstitution period begins with posting of projected additions & deletions

Today leading global index provider FTSE Russell posted its official preliminary lists of companies expected to enter or leave the US broad-market Russell 3000 Index and the Russell Microcap Index when the Russell indexes undergo their annual rebalance after US markets close on June 24. The lists of projected additions and deletions for the Russell indexes, including the Russell Global Index, are now available on the FTSE Russell website.

FTSE4Good Semi-Annual Review June 2016

FTSE Russell, the global index provider, today announces changes following the June 2016 FTSE4Good Index Series and ESG ratings semi-annual review. 

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