Global Equity Indexes

Considering selecting or switching your benchmark?

FTSE Russell offers a broad range of cap-weighted global benchmarks designed to provide exposure to the broad market, particular region, asset class or style you seek.

Smart Beta & Factor Indexes

Seeking an index solution targeting specific risk factors?

A range of transparent benchmarks can be used by investors seeking to target specific risk factors, rules-based strategies or market segments, complementing traditional active and passive analysis.

China Indexes

Interested in exploring key opportunities in China?

FTSE Russell’s China Index Series cover all Chinese share types, multiple asset classes and investment themes including style, dividend yield, fundamentally weighted and property.

US Equity Indexes

Does your US equity exposure contain gaps or overlaps?

Our modular index construction allows investors to track current and historical U.S. market performance by specific market segment or investment style with no gaps or overlaps.


The market wisdom of jelly beans

The market wisdom of jelly beans

By: Rolf Agather, Managing Director of Research  Market prognostication is often equated with reading the tea leaves, but in fact a simple jelly bean experiment may offer a better premise for reading investor and market behavior. To explore this theory and in an homage to James Surowiecki’s famous Wisdom of Crowds book, FTSE Russell conducted our own jelly bean experiment on collective d...

Assessing the quality of a tilt to

Assessing the quality of a tilt to "quality" in small cap indexes

By: Tom Goodwin, Senior Research Director The idea of investing in high-quality stocks goes back at least to Graham and Dodd.[1] “Quality” is hard to define, but has evolved to mean a combination of high return on assets, low leverage and low earnings variability. The quality concept has been employed in active management for some time but only recently has the quality factor been incorp...

Press Releases

FTSE Russell Expands Latin American Business with New Office in Mexico City

FTSE Russell, the global index provider, announced today that it has opened a new office in Mexico City, headed by David Estefan, a senior international industry professional....

FTSE4Good Semi-Annual Review December 2015

FTSE Russell, the global index provider, today announces changes following the December 2015 FTSE4Good Index Series and ESG ratings semi-annual review. The December semi-annual review sees 40 new companies being added to the FTSE4Good Global Index, while 32 companies are being removed....

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